Digital Story Project Process Reflection:

Link to Digital Story:

The first part of the iMovie for my Digital Story project established context: It explored Kala and Pathy’s lives in India, and explains why they came to the US. I then decided to focus on two other main sections of my interview: Kala and Pathy’s discussion of their religious life, and Kala and Pathy’s remarks concerning their daughter’s wedding to a non-Indian man.

In discussing some of the challenges they faced upon first coming to America, I highlighted how Kala and Pathy’s efforts to preserve their family’s Tamil culture were extraordinary within the context of their new environment. Moreover, Kala’s continued dedication to religious practices (such as fasting and prayer) shows one way she has continued to maintain her Indian cultural identity while living in America. Additionally, Kala and Pathy’s decision to allow their daughter to marry a non-Indian man, something that they previously thought was unthinkable, is one example of how they have become more open to new ideas.

Learning how to use Audacity and iMovie for this project was difficult. Additionally, because I had two interviewees, I felt that an iMovie of longer than two-to-three minutes was necessary, as I wanted to adequately represent both Kala and Pathy’s experiences. The three-part approach I took was the best way to accomplish this goal. Finishing this assignment was the hardest thing I did for any of my classes, as it required me to be extremely flexible and organized, and it therefore taught me that no academic challenge is insurmountable.


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