Reflection Post on Keywords

When beginning a writing assignment, I always consider what my purpose is, as well as who my audience is. In terms of purpose, this means taking some time to look at the assignment prompt and gather my thoughts after I have finished looking at the source material. Additionally, it is important for me to consider my audience for a writing assignment – doing so can help one make sure their claims come through as effective. One’s audience can affect the evidence and structure (mechanics) one chooses for an assignment.

Also, when I write, it is extremely important for me to find strong evidence to back my claims. For example, if the purpose of a hypothetical assignment is to convince the reader that stereotypes surrounding India are incorrect, I would first address a specific stereotype, then follow up with targeted evidence to prove my claim is valid.

Additionally, in order to effectively communicate my intended meaning to my audience, it is important that my writing assignment maintains good flow. Flow is influenced by mechanics (i.e. how my assignment is structured), as well as one’s evidence; to make sure that ideas are being communicated efficiently and effectively to the reader, I also make sure that my writing contains a clear flow of ideas when I review it.

One’s thesis will come from a combination of many keywords (purpose, audience, evidence, and mechanics) already discussed above, as well as contextContext is important because it can influence the way in which the author seeks to convey his or her point. One’s thesis comes from one’s evidence, and the mechanics of one’s writing assignment will be determined by how one chooses to argue one’s thesis.

When I write, I feel that I have a fairly strong command over the above keywords we discussed in class. The only keyword I feel that my writing may lack is collaboration, as I am not entirely sure how collaboration can work within one’s individual writing process. (My perception of writing thus far is that much of it is a solo activity).



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